Our collection of Authentic CCell vapes including batteries and oil cartridges.

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CCell Vape Equipment

We are pleased to announce that authentic CCell vapes and accessories are now available in Canada through VPM.

CCell has changed the game when it comes to vaping cannabis oils, earning them notoriety and trust in their brand throughout the world. By offering a truer-to-taste experience with larger puffs, pure flavor and strong potency- all at a great price, it’s easy to understand why.

CCell has created several different battery systems, each with their own benefits. 

They have “pen” and “drop in” style batteries that are compatible with most 510 thread cartridges. 


Stick/Pen Style Batteries

CCell offers two different styles of stick/pen style batteries. The M3 Battery is an inhale activated battery. That means there are no buttons, all you have to do is inhale. The M3b Battery offers three different voltage settings and is activated by holding the button down while inhaling. Five clicks power the battery on and off while three clicks changes the heat setting, allowing you to customize the size of your hits and the longevity of your oil.


Drop In Style Batteries

The CCell Palm and Silo Batteries are identical in function but different in shape. Both options are built to last with a durable Aluminum Alloy housing. They both have a window that allows you to view how much oil you have left. These are “drop in” style batteries because once you have screwed a magnetic adapter to the bottom of your 510 thread cartridge, you just drop in into the battery system and puff away. Each battery has two magnetic adapters and a Micro USB charging cable included, your cartridge must be purchased separately.



When it comes to cartridges, CCell’s ceramic atomizer design provides better oil absorption than cartridges with a cotton wick. They are designed to work with even the thickest of oils. CCell has two different cartridge options. The M6T Cartridge has a polycarbonate plastic tank with a press-on mouthpiece that can NOT be removed once it has been closed. The TH2 Cartridge has a glass body with screw-on mouthpieces that you may open and close as many times as you want. Some customers have reported being able to use their TH2s up to 3-5 times. Both styles of cartridges are available in multiple size capacities and the TH2 offers both wood and ceramic mouthpiece options. 


**None of our cartridges include oil. You may purchase pre-filled cartridges or pre-filled syringes at your local dispensary for use with these products**


For more detailed information, please see our individual listings for each product. If you have any further questions or need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We are happy to help!